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Faa tsoc144, do160d, d0228, mil c5541, mil e 5400, mil i45208a, mil std810 and sae j1455 nal research corp. A p p l i c a t i o n s shipboard electronics missile electronics racking systems. Mile5400 draws heavily on many other military documents and industrial. Itt enidine incorporateds commitment to quality ensures that our products will satisfy the following industry standards. Military digital signal processors 2bqfp 55 to 125. Mile5400t becauseof nonavailabilityof standarditems,the. The mil e 7016f specification is maintained by the united states air forces oklahoma city air logistics center who is chartered under the defense standardization program dsp with maintaining the functional expertise and serving as the dodwide technical focal point for the specification. Disclosure of records pertaining to personnel of overseas, sensitive, or routinely deployable units shall be prohibited to the extent. Soldering, manual type, high reliability electrical and. These documents may only be reinstated or reactivated as a military standard or. References and external links mile7016f notice 1, military specification. Meets mil e 5400 requirements for resistance to ozone, humidity, salt spray and fungus. Electrical connectors shall be in accordance with milstd454, requirement 10.

The standard item shall be listed in the technical manuals as the preferred replacement. Casualty and mortuary affairs procedures for the army mortuary affairs program department of the army pamphlet 6382 h i s t o r y. The low profile avionics mounts are tested and approved to the environmental tests appearing in milstd810 or mile5400. Mile2036 enclosures for electric and electronic equipment. Meets mil s901 lightweight grade b navy high impact shock test requirements. Mile5400 t electronic equipment airborne everyspec.

Nonmu, or civilian vocalists are authorized to perform the anthem a cappella, or the dod version with the ceremonial band, at the discretion of the bandmaster. Continued health care benefit program chcbp application omb no. Beneficial comments recommendations, additions, deletions and any pertinent data which maybe of use in improving this document should be. The current document revision 2009 is revision f i. Remove chapter 12 and replace it with enclosure 1 of the change transmittal. They are recommended for use with all our electromechanical products, as well as for other systems which may be subjected to high voltage spikes from solenoids, relays and other inductive equipment sharing a common ac line.

Passbaryi insertion loss peak rejection spurious response rejection bandwidth at 40 db rejection 3 db bandwidth o db loss u santa clara, california 950543125 n 408 9880843 n fax 408 72773 omniyig, inc. Use of iso 320001 with support for embedded files pdf a3 1 additive manufacturing definitions 2 identifying components for am decision processflowchart. Thl s handbook contains general guidelines for electronic. Implements the dod foia program pursuant to dod directive dodd 5400. Secretaries of the military departments, shall provide support to the combatant commands, as identified in dod directive 5100. Milhdbk5400 electronic equipment, airborne general. The military standard referred to as mile7016f, electric load and power source capacity, aircraft, analysis of addresses the methods and analysis of electric loads and source capacity on military aircraft.

The standarditem shallbe listedinthetechnicalmanualsasthepreferredreplacement. Milstd498 militarystandard498 was a united states military standard whose purpose. Casualty and mortuary affairs procedures for the army. Reliability information manual for navy electronic equipment. Record of freedom of information foi processing cost please read instructions on back before completing form. Dode8983 electronic equipment, aerospace, extended space environment, general specification for. I mile5400t i products exist, only because of nonavailability of standard ittms, the contractor shall arrange the equipment to permit replacement in the field of the nonstandard by the standard items. Welcome to the assist database for military specifications.

This pamphlet is to be used with ar 6388 and ar 6382. T h i s p u b l i c a t i o n i s a m a j o r revision. Qualification to mile5400, class il specification available. Insertion loss is very iow across the frequency band of interest. Milstd498 pdf roadmap, documents types mentioned in order or lifecycle use abelia example did, systemsubsystem specification as used. Mil e 855832 electric power generating channel, variable input speed,12,450 to 26,250 rpm, alternating current. The use of the document is approved for use by all departments and. A primer for dod reliability, maintainability, safety, and. Aug 17, 2018 g milstd3, technical data packages h iso 190053, document management electronic document file format for longterm preservation part 3. Government and are not subject to protection in the u. Continued health care benefit program chcbp omb no.

Unless otherwise specified, the issues of these documents shali be those. The pamp h l e t c o v e r s t h r e e i m p o r t a n t a r e a s. This specification covers the general 975 data requirements for airboelectronic equipment for operation primarily in piloted aircraft. Test provisions for electronic systems and associated. Operating procedures for navy music program activities ref. Military digital signal processors 0xcept 55 to 125. T electronic equipment, aerospace, general specification for from sai global. Information services freedom of information act foia. Parameter definitions band reject filter 3350 scott bldg. This military handbook is approved for use by all departments and agencies of the department of defense. Description omniylcs latest standard line of dual 4stage, bandpass yic fitters are electronically tunable from 500 mhz to 26 ghz. Cc2500 reference design 62 mil layer spacing 59629760601nxb.

Microphonejacks shallbe typem6415land headaetjackashall e m6416lconformingtomilj641, useofthese jacka for other thsnmicrophoneand hesdaetnse ia prohibitedin areas accessibletoflightpersonnel. These units are provided with a bypass switch with thus bypassing the ylgtiiter. The secretaries of the military departments shall provide support to the combatant commands, as identified in dod directive 5100. Information and documents presented here are works of the u. Clerical hours e 9gs8 and below 1 total hours 2 hourly rate 3 cost a. This change is issued to remove chapter 12, page vii of the table of contents, and pages e 2 through e 3 of appendix e from the manual. These power ratings apply when optional termination is supplied by anaren and coupled port vswr is 2. Milstd5400 electronic equipment, aerospace, general standard for. Military standards and specifications requiring defense. Tables show the sizes, capacities and the spring rates of these vibration isolators.

Mile5400t general spec for airborne electronic equipment. These converters are designed to meet mile5272, e5400 and t21200 making them ideal for use in aerospace, military, and severe industrial applications. Mile5400t general spec for airborne electronic equipment free download as pdf file. Mil std810, mil std167, mil s901, mil e 5400, stanag042, bv4344 and defstnd 0755. Per references a through i, publish the missions, functions, and tasks mft of commander, naval surface. Meets mile5400 requirements for resistance to ozone, humidity, salt spray and fungus.

Mil e 5400t3 not 1 electronic equipment, aerospace, general specification for. Additional screening available for military and space applications. Mil e 855831 electric power generating channel, variable input speed, 2390 to 8560 rpm, alternating current. Beneficial comments recommendations, additions, deletions and any pertinent data which maybe of use in improving this document should be addressed to. General description band antenna designed to operate with the terminals.

Dd form 2086, record of freedom of information processing. Mile8189 electronic equipment, missiles, boosters and allied vehicles, general specification for not for new design. Detail electrical and mechanical design, performance and test requirements should be as specified in the detail specification or contract. Meets mils901 lightweight grade b navy high impact shock test requirements. Mile5400t mmmmkd379 superseding 0 31 october supersession. A personnel security investigation conducted by the office of personnel management, combining a nac and written inquiries to law enforcement agencies, former employers and supervisors, references and schools. N1003 series gps antenna all data contained herein is subject to change without notice.

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